Faster, Hassle Free Logistics

Nogales can often provide faster, document-less crossing thanks to its comparatively small size combined with its recent upgrade as a port. Customs agents at this port have experience and knowledge in crossing a broad range of products from automotive and aerospace to electronics and produce. Strong relationships have been forged over years between customs officials and customs brokers. Close proximity, expertise, relationships built over time and infrastructure upgrades help expedite crossings and solve issues as they emerge.

NAFTA SUCCESS STORY: Powerful Growth for Nogales

While the maquilas in Nogales, Sonora emerged after 1965, it wasn’t until NAFTA passed in 1994 that major impact was seen, giving rise to an almost 10-fold increase in the number of Arizona-incorporated companies in Nogales, Arizona.

Specialized Logistics Services

Nogales, Arizona’s location on an historic trade route has made a unique contribution to its evolution. The city was naturally poised to develop its road and rail infrastructure, and to become a contemporary inland port. As a result, a rich base of companies developed to offer logistics services, along with delivery, freight rail, and trucking. Together these companies support the manufacturing and produce industries. Because manufactured goods and produce have unique needs for temperature control and regulatory compliance, there is substantial specialization of companies for these two industries in Nogales.

Industry Profile - Supply Chain Services

Nogales, Arizona's Competitive Regional Capability

The Nogales, AZ logistics and supply chain hub offers a concentrated set of services to support the maquila and produce industries. The unique and differentiated combinations of service functions—suppliers, associations and specialized support services in a tight geographic cluster—yield a competitive regional capability that is largely unmatched along the Mexican border. Additionally, Nogales is just 60 miles to Tucson with a quick connection to an international airport, and 2 hours from Hermosillo, with international flights from the Sonora side.

Logistics & Supply Chain Hub

Case In Point: Nogales, Arizona Customs Brokers Leverage Generations of Trade Expertise to Efficiently Expedite International Trade Across the Border

Nogales Customs House Brokers Association knowledge and expertise dates back to the late 1880s when the first trading post was established in ‘Los Nogales.’ Since then generations of family-run businesses have kept pace with the evolution of trade. Today, the Nogales, Arizona-based customs broker network offers state-of-the-art warehousing, transportation and logistics services to efficiently move goods across the U.S. border.

Distribution of Logistics and Trucking Companies in Nogales by Size

Most Nogales logistics and trucking companies are under 20 employees, with average reported revenue of under a million dollars a year. In 2012, more than 400 companies were listed in Nogales providing freight logistics, short- and long-haul trucking.

Throughout its over 100 year history as a trading city, Nogales has become flexible and has developed infrastructure and talent that can provide transportation and other business services to operations of any size. Whether a prospective business is a small start-up with a few employees or a multi-national corporation with thousands, Nogales providers can tailor cost-efficient solutions to meet those needs.

Learn more about the C-TPAT program and FAST clearance processSENTRI and GOES programs and Overweight Permits at the Nogales Port Authority website.

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